Would upgrading the Router firmware improve the Internet connection?

Most of the time people often ask would upgrading the router firmware improve the Internet connection. Updating the firmware helps a router work well and sometimes cures the annoying bugs and issues. If the firmware of a router is not upgraded regularly, your router may stop working normally and hence resulting in intermittent Internet... Netgear Router Setup

Today we will talk about the Netgear router and how to set up it. As we all know it is important to setup the wireless router in order to access the Internet from your modem. If you don’t set up the router, you won’t be able to access the Internet. Setting up a Netgear... NETGEAR SMART WIZARD

Netgear wireless routers are known for their ultimate performance and great surfing speeds. A user can get multiple features packed with the Netgear wireless router. But the features will come to use only then if the router is configured properly.  The best thing is that Netgear routers are easy to set up and configure....

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