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Netgear routers are well known router brand, users who are using them, are quite impressed by the product. Netgear was first networking company to introduce the world’s fastest wireless router. Netgear has a long list of basic and advanced router models. The user can choose router according to their need, almost every Netgear router can fulfill any home network requirement.

This website is especially dedicated to the Netgear router support. In this website, we will provide information regarding netgear router setup wizard, Netgear 192 168 1 1 admin, netgear smart wizard and much more. We will explain all the necessary steps to sign in to netgear router and access the 192 168 1 1 setup wizard so that people can customize various settings and advanced features of their routers. We also help in troubleshooting your Netgear setup issues.

Overview to the Netgear Router:

Netgear Router is known for the high speed internet sharing ability because of 802.11 ac wireless standard which take the speed up to the gigabit level. It has three adjustable antennas that provide maximum coverage and dual- band at 2.4GHz and 5GHz providing high data transfer rate.

Moreover, the Netgear router setup is also very easy. For the Netgear setup, you have to sign in to netgear router login page and you can do this by typing IP address or routerlogin.net in the address bar of the opened browser. Make sure, the device you are using to open the login page should be connected to the internet.

What is routerlogin.net?

Usually, Netgear routers come with default login IP addresses, that are or but now Netgear routers have www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com instead of the IP addresses that makes it easier for its users to remember login URL rather than the IP address.

www.routerlogin.net is the default web address that redirects you to an IP address 192.168.1 to access or sign in to netgear router login web page. You can use this local address to login to the web management page of your router. For this, first connect your Netgear router with your computer either wired or wirelessly, then open a web browser and type www.routerlogin.net. Alternatively, you can also use Netgear genie application to access Netgear router settings and Netgear Nighthawk Application to configure any Netgear Nighthawk wireless router.

How to Login to a Netgear Router:

  • You must have an account on Netgear website either to access 192.168.1 netgear router setup page. You can connect to netgear router with your PC either wired or wirelessly.
  • If your PC connects to the router using an Ethernet cable, you will automatically redirect to Netgear router’s web login page.
  • If your PC connects to the router wirelessly, then you have to select the network first. Once you would be able to find a network, your wireless connection is established.

Follow the steps to log into the webpage of Netgear Router:

  • After setting up a wired or wireless connection, open a web browser (Internet explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Type web address www.routerlogin.net  or routerlogin.net on your browser’s address bar and press enter. The login page of your router automatically launches.
  • On netgear 192 168 1 1 admin page, enter your user name and password that you have set before otherwise enter the admin username and password.
  • Now you have entered into the Netgear router’s setup page. Now you can change the settings of the Netgear router or you can configure the various features of Netgear Router as desired by setting it up.


  • Connect the given power adapter one end into your router and its other end into the power outlet.
  • Now connect the LAN port of the Netgear router to the NIC port on the PC, by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Next connect the WAN Port on your Router to the internet-enabled ADSL modem by an Ethernet Cable.
  • Now access 192.168.1 netgear setup wizard by logging into the netgear 192 168 1 1 admin page using routerlogin.net & default login credentials.
  • Once you sign in to netgear router, click ‘Setup Wizard’ and it will redirect you to netgear wizard page.
  • After accessing netgear smart wizard page, you need to follow the on-screen instructions which will take you through the setup processes.

To know further steps, on the installation of Netgear Router, talk to our technical experts. They are available on the toll-free number 24/7. You can ask them about 192.168.1 netgear router setup, 192 168 0 1 admin password & Netgear firmware upgrade.

How do I reset my Netgear router?

Resetting the Netgear router can solve many issues. Press the reset button which is located on the back side of the router and hold it for 10-20 seconds. Release the reset button after 10 seconds and the process is finished.

If you have forgotten your netgear username & password then you can reset your router to its default factory settings. Resetting the Asus router to its default settings will erase all the settings you have made for your Asus router and you have to use the default settings for accessing your Asus router.

If you have issues doing the reset or any other issue with your Netgear router then you can call us on our toll free number to directly get a solution or step by step procedure from the experts.

How to Secure Home Network via Netgear Smart wizard?

Setting up the Netgear Wi-Fi router has become easy & quick with the help of netgear router setup wizard. There would be no need of installation CD or any software to set up Netgear wireless router. You just need to simply connect your router to the PC and navigate to the 192.168.1 netgear smart wizard.

Configuring the Netgear router with wired connections can also be accessed by using the Netgear Genie App. Netgear genie is a desktop application that runs on PC as well as on Mac. It can be configured to manage Netgear home routers and extenders by providing you a simple dashboard to monitor, control and repair home networks. Before you start the 192.168.1 netgear router setup, you need to make sure that your computer and device is connected to your home network.

If you have query in your mind that how to configure the Netgear routers using the Netgear Genie App interface, please feel free to contact us any time using the Toll Free Number or chat live with us.

How to Update the Netgear Router Firmware?

Having the updated firmware will help to increase the stability, functionality and performance of your Netgear router. The latest and most up-to-date firmware will possibly add new and improved features to the device. NETGEAR regularly releases new firmware updates to improve the router’s performance.

A user of Netgear router can manually update the firmware or set the firmware to automatic update. In automatic update, it gets downloaded automatically whenever a new firmware is available. But in the manual update, a user has to access Netgear router’s web based user interface and then select the firmware update option.

If you sign in to netgear router web interface using www.routerlogin.net, you might see a message at the top of the dashboard when latest firmware is available. You can click on that message to look for the new firmware and update your router’s firmware. Follow the steps mentioned here to update the Netgear router’s firmware:

    • After sign in to netgear router web interface page you will see different setting options.
    • Go to Settings, Click on the “Advanced” option and navigate to “firmware update”.
    • Make sure to click “Check” to look for new firmware information; if any is available it prompts with a message that would be asking if you want to download and install it.
    • Click “Yes” to download or update the firmware.

It usually takes a few minutes to update the Netgear router firmware. If you face any issue while updating the firmware, do not hesitate to take our help. We will guide you to resolve your problems and provide troubleshooting tips.

How do I change the default password on my Netgear router?

Once you are sure that your device is having latest software, you need to change the default password for security reasons. This can protect your device from being hacked.

Ensure that your password is a combination of symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters. Make it complex without making it very difficult to remember.

  • Go to the “Settings” by accessing routerlogin.net setup page & click “Advanced” and then proceed to “Set Password” option. Enter your new password and click “Apply”.
  • For routers running on netgear smart wizard, you will find the “Set Password” option within the “Maintenance” option. Follow the on screen instructions and save the changed settings to set up new password.

Features of Netgear Wireless Router:

  • Faster Speed:  It has wireless speed of up to 300 Mbps which supports multiple simultaneous computers and applications. It has multimedia streaming features, you can surf the internet, play online games, stream music or movies simultaneously without buffering.
  • Dual Band Routers:  It offers simultaneous dual bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for higher speed which increases the bandwidth or delivers a more reliable wireless connection with less interference. This is especially valuable for homes that have many wireless networks that can cause interference.
  • Secure Connection: It maintains high security across your home network to ensure that your privacy is safe while online. The Netgear router includes wireless security with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise) encryption that keeps your data secured, and Push ‘N’ Connect (WPS) that helps you to connect easily and securely with the press of a button.
  • Wi-Fi and Power On/Off button: The Netgear router has Wi-Fi or Power On/Off button which allows you to turn off your router when not in use. By turning off Wi-Fi button helps to secure your wireless network.
  • DSL plus 3G Wi-Fi hotspot: It helps to create a Wi-Fi hotspot virtually anywhere and share your DSL and 3G Mobile Broadband connection with others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with Answers:

Ques.1: How to setup Netgear Router using WPS button?

Ans: WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a method for setting up a Netgear wireless router for a home network. The WPS Wizard helps you add wireless devices to your home network without typing the Wi-Fi password. To configure your router through WPS process, your WiFi router should be compatible for WPS and security should be set on WPS. If you need any help you can contact our support team.

Ques.2: What to do if I am not being able to log in through routerlogin.net?

Ans: If you face any trouble while sign in to netgear router through routerlogin.net, don’t need to panic about the issue. You can also access the 192.168.1 netgear router setup portal through the default IP address of the router i.e. or

Ques.3: Where can I find the default IP address of the router?

Ans: The default IP address is usually written on the brand label pasted on your Netgear router. Many other important details are also printed on the label such as the device serial number and model number etc. For further details you can contact us at our toll free no or chat live with us.

Ques.4: How do I assign an IP address to a specific wireless device?

Ans: First login to your netgear 192 168 1 1 admin panel by using netgear router setup wizard. To find the current IP address of your PC, click “Attached Devices” under “Maintenance” menu & note the IP address.

  • Click “LAN setup” under “Advanced” option.
  • Click “Add” & enter IP address and other details in the provided fields.
  • Click “Apply” to save the settings.

Ques.5: What is the Netgear Genie app?

Ans: Netgear genie is a desktop application that runs on both PC and Mac. It can be configured to manage Netgear home routers and extenders by providing you a simple dashboard to monitor, control and repair home networks.